‘DECIMALS REBUILT’ is an intriguing quantum world of dynamic decimal digits that live actively in another dimension. Before the creation of time, the Creator, BOREH, loosed His power and proudly encoded the Tens digits, the first of all decimal digits collectively to be called “Denary”. His mighty power in them was called the “power of ten”, and through this power, they would fulfil the mandate to combine and split into equal parts in order to continue their evolution. All Denary would operate to the power of ten, with higher powers of ten producing Denary that were increasingly greater in strength than the Tens themselves, but that were less naturally committed to the mandate of Boreh, who ever remained the One over all of them. The greater the power, the more they would need to yield to the leadership of the Tens. In their quest to fulfil Boreh’s mandate, the Tens combined and created the Hundreds; then the Tens combined with the Hundreds to form the Thousands.

Although the Denary were created to work in one accord, the glory and splendour of the Tens caused some of the Denary to revolt and challenge their leadership, igniting a brutal multi-dimensional war for power and dominance. Many lives were lost along with the beauty and subsequent order of their World. This war would shake the very fabric of reality and leave all the decimal creation teetering on the edge of collapse.

‘DECIMALS REBUILT’ is an epic of Light vs Darkness, Good vs Evil and the reconstruction of what was lost.

  • TENS




  • ONES



The TENS were the first nation of DENARY to be created and are the genetic ancestors of all
DENARY nations. The TENS were created by the spirit of the Creator, BOREH, rather than
being the product of combined DENARY. They have a strong blue light that emanates from their core making them inherently more powerful than the other DENARY before being stripped of their power by the ONES who enslaved them.

This powerful electro-spiritual light source gives the TENS limitless abilities to create, combine and split at will.


The HUNDREDS emerged as the second Decimal faction, laying the groundwork for the THOUSANDS and MILLIONS. The TENS revolted against their counterparts and sided with the ONES to gain political power.

HUNDREDS are merciless and lack empathy. They have the power to halt time in combat, rendering their foes temporarily immobile.HUNDREDS wield a weapon known as MIRROR FAIL, one of the most potent and devastating among the Decimals nations.


The third race of decimals, the THOUSANDS, rejected the rule of the PLEX and followed their powerful leader AMINISH'EEB to the outer reaches for sovereignty.

THOUSANDS possess prophetic abilities and are naturally clairvoyant. In combat, they are able to predict the enemy's attacks with precision, neutralizing each strike. THOUSANDS boast the second strongest military after THE PLEX and possess a powerful dimensional weapon named DAXIM14.


The MILLIONS are the fourth nation of Decimals to be created and are the servants of THE PLEX, the main antagonists. The MILLIONS pledged their allegiance to THE PLEX serving as the military enforcers of the ONES and the HUNDREDS.

MILLIONS display a fierce offensive capability with the VOTAN PHASE I weapon. This enables them to form dimensional rifts to start trans-dimensional assaults in combat.


The ONES are the last and final race of Decimals digits to be created when all of the DENARY unanimously decided for the TENS to 'SPLIT' instead of combine.
The ONES siphoned power from all other Decimals nations and created 'THE PLEX,' a sentient entity that subjugated the TENS and governed Decimal nations with an iron grip.


The ZEROS are the sixth Decimals race created. They were created by the TENS for light engineering to construct their world. The ZEROS are key allies of the enslaved TENS.

ZEROS have the ability to infinitely multiply and are masters of light engineering. This allows them to be omnipresent during battle