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DECIMALS REBUILT: In a quantum dimension beyond time, the Creator 'BOREH' encoded the first TENS digits, called the DENARY, with a mission to evolve through combination. From the TENS came the HUNDREDS, and together they formed the THOUSANDS and MILLIONS. The TENS then split to create the ONES, but the splendor of the TENS ignited a revolt among them  sparking a brutal multi-dimensional war for supremacy. As the conflict raged, reality itself teetered on the brink of collapse, threatening the very existence of their world.

DECIMALS REBUILT is an epic of Light vs Darkness, Good vs Evil and the reconstruction of what was lost.

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Implementing ON-CHAIN PUBLISHING on the Polygon blockchain for ownership & authenticity, with DIRECT DISTRIBUTION, streaming and storage.


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DECIMALS REBUILT is a cutting-edge web3 art project merging animated film, immersive media art, and graffiti while developing blockchain gaming, metaverse, and traditional artwork.

This groundbreaking endeavor will stretch artistic boundaries by crafting animated, cinematic cryptographic films on the blockchain with direct distribution via streaming, storage, and processing.

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{ORIGINS] - NFT collection (Edition of 200)

The [ORIGINS] collection introduces the initial generation of DECIMALS digits featuring the ONES, TENS, HUNDREDS,THOUSANDS, MILLIONS and ZEROS. Digital assets are dynamic multi-layered artworks.

LAUNCH DATE -  September 2024
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[PROTOGENESIS] - NFT collection (Edition of 333)

The [PROTOGENESIS] series unveils the next-gen DECIMALS digits with varied combinations. These Digital assets are intricate artworks that feature the evolution of the Decimals nations as they gain power and influence.

LAUNCH DATE -  February 2025
Purple hexagon with the number of version in the middle

[PROTAGON] - NFT collection (Edition of 133)

The third NFT collection will introduce the ultra-rare, animated protagonist DECIMALS REBUILT characters (e.g. HINIT R, DARM I, BASIC and FLAME). These ultra-rare NFTs will also be award collectors 3 token rewards that may be redeemed for playing the future DECIMALS REBUILT game called ‘RADIXX’.

Projected timeline June 2025
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[ANTAGON] - NFT collection (Edition of 333)

The fourth NFT collection will introduce the ultra-rare antagonist DECIMALS REBUILT characters and the PLEX, which is the combined system built by the ONES digits. This will include the block-like sections that combine together to build and expand THE PLEX.

Projected timeline December 2025
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[ISTROIA] - NFT collection (Edition of 333)

The fifth collection will not only introduce the various Kingdoms of DECIMALS REBUILT in which the decimals characters reside but will also give the NFT Collector Community the option to vote on project expansion (e.g. future DENARY character names, character attributes and architecture). The environment artwork from this NFT Kingdom collection will also be featured in the future ‘RADIXX’ blockchain game where players compete for territory in the DECIMALS REBUILT world.

Projected timeline April 2026
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The short film titled ‘RADIXXIAD; is a 3 minute animation that depicts the apocalyptic war between the DECIMALS REBUILT characters. Animated and still NFTs will be extracted from this short film. Owners of the NFT collectibles will be able to see their characters interacting and fighting in battle and will have an option to buy and download the short animated film.

The animation NFT will be ‘physical’ NFT (NFT backed by real-world product that provides proof of ownership on public ledger) that will give the purchaser a physical USB-C thumb drive containing the animation and desktop/mobile wallpapers. Both the USB-C thumb drive and the animation will contain a QR core that connects the digital and physical elements.

Projected timeline December 2026

Created by art collectors, for art collectors

Muse Frame was founded in 2021 by a group of art collectors, artists, and friends who all craved a simple, yet extraordinary way to display their digital art collection in their homes. The team has collectively worked together for years in the past developing other projects in gaming, tech, and consumer electronics.

DECIMALS REBUILT alongside MUSE FRAMES creates the perfect way to display and feature cinematic digital artwork in your home or business space.

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The online game 'RADIXX' is fully blockchain enabled. Players select a DECIMALS digit nation (e.g., HUNDREDS) and vie for territory and dominance worldwide. Rare NFT purchases unlock potent nations with enhanced fighting capabilities and skills. Players acquire RADIXX GAME TOKEN REWARDS through gameplay for redemption on in-game assets, physical artwork, and access to immersive art exhibitions.

PROJECTED LAUNCH: September 2025
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DECIMALS REBUILT hosts a series of blockchain- enabled games that utilize animated NFTs as key components. These games offer immersive experiences where players can interact with their favorite characters, compete in challenges, and unlock rare rewards. The integration of blockchain ensures transparency, fairness, and true ownership of in-gam assets.
REBUILT tokens serve as in-game currency for transactions, upgrades, and rewards. Players can earn REBUILT tokens by completing challenges, achieving milestones, and participating in tournaments.
Army of robot toys preparing for the battle


Players can choose to align with different nations or factions, each with its unique strength, weaknesses and characteristics. These nations compete against each other for dominance over territories and resources.


Territory Control: Players engage in strategic warfare to conquer and control territories within the game world. Ownership of territories provides various benefits, such as access to rare resources, increased influence and defensive bonuses.

Army of robot toys preparing for the battle
Army of robot toys preparing for the battle


The game operates on a blockchain network, ensuring transparency, security and immutability of in-game transactions, ownership of assets and player action.